Communication is the Key

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What is your perception of God? Do you think He’s scary? A killjoy? A grumpy dictator?
No Fun? Uninvolved? Distant? Unfair? Do you think He hates you at times?
Do you think He’s angry with you? Out to trap you?

These thoughts are not uncommon. However, they may have a common root. They spring from poor communication with God. When we communicate with God, we learn the truth regarding how He feels about us. He calls us blessed, gives us a heads-up regarding trouble in this world and absolutely loves us as His own children. Think about the truth regarding God and you. He is sovereign, He is righteous, He is eternal and He loves you!

Jesus knew the importance of open communication. Therefore, He took the time to teach His disciples how to communicate with God through prayer. (See Matthew 6:5-18) In doing so He set straight many of the false ideas regarding prayer and revealed an intimacy with the Lord which is available to all those who believe.

Jesus points out that we are to get alone with God when we pray. God is unimpressed by our eloquent vocabularies, oratory skills and rote memory abilities. Contrary to many cultural and religious teachings in His day, Jesus explained that private, sincere prayer is what God rewards. (See Matthew 6:6) He summed it up marvelously, when He told us,“Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him” (Matthew 6:8)


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