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6 Ways You Can Improve Your Relationship With God

relationship with God

In our busy and harried lives, the first thing to fall off usually is the spiritual connection and relationship we have with God.

But that’s not a good idea, especially since a positive relationship with God can help result in positive changes in mental and physical health. 

If you are having a hard time building a relationship with God, or if you want to enhance your relationship with God, then here are six tips that can help you with that. 

Enjoy Your Relationship With Jesus by Reading the Scriptures Daily

One of the reasons we might have fallen off the wagon with our spiritual connection to God is because he seems so far away from our daily activities.   

That’s why the scriptures exist. They are there so we can connect to God daily without too much effort.   The love, truth, and wisdom found in the Bible is as relevant today as when the Holy Spirit inspired authors recorded it thousands of years ago.  

God’s words are there for the taking. All you have to do is take a little bit of time out of your daily schedule to connect with his practical insights found in the sciptures.

The beauty of his words, the depth of his teachings, and the glories of his goodness will be instantly visible to you as soon as you start reading the scriptures.  There is no challenge you face today that the scriptures fail to address.  

His love for you and his goodwill towards you will be too plain to miss. And this kind of relationship becomes addictive after a while, feeding itself.

The more you realize how much God loves you through these scriptures, the more you want to spend time with him. The cycle of faith and belief feeds itself. 

Daily Prayers

Just like reading scriptures daily is a must-have, praying daily is the same. If you wish to build a strong, relationship with God, talk to him daily. 

He is waiting for you to talk to him, to ask him questions, to tell him your stories, to regale him with your efforts, joys, and tragedies.

He is forever waiting for his children to speak to him, but a lot of us become too busy with our physical lives to notice that he’s there waiting for us.

The best way to bring prayer into your daily life is to make it a part of your routine.  Become intentional about spending time in prayer each day.  

You could pray to God as soon as you wake up, or you could pray to him right before falling asleep. It depends entirely on your schedule and your preferences. 

Of course, a visit to a church every Sunday is a great addition to your weekly routine, but it doesn’t negate the necessity of daily prayers.

Be Who God Made You To Be

“Call on me and I will answer and show you great and unsearchable things you do not know” is an invaluable promise God has been fulfilling for thousands of years (Jeremiah 33:3).  

It is by faith in God that we are able to seek him and to understand the scriptures.  Faith is being sure of what we hope for, confident in what we can’t see,  knowing that God hears our prayers, answers, and reveals the right way to go.  

How can you live a better life, a life that God’s wants for you?  The answer to this question can provide peace of mind.

God’s simple 10 Commandments show us how to become the person God created.   The first four reveal how to enjoy a great relationship with God; the final six show us how to enjoy a realtionship with each other.  Are you having a hard time with some of the commandments?  Ask God to help you follow his commandments more closely, and you will find it easier to discern his will for your life. 

God’s will be done.  He’s not counting on you to fulfill his plan.  He’s offering you the opportunity to enjoy playing your role in his plan.  He doesn’t expect or require you to be perfect,  but he does want you to enjoy a peaceful realtionship with him and your neighbors as you walk through this crazy world.  As Jesus the Messiah said, “If you love me, you will obey my commandments.”  

Show Gratitude for God’s Blessings in Your Life

There are hundreds of reasons to show gratitude in your daily life. There are studies upon studies done about this.

A thankful heart towards God creates a gentle and content spirit within us.  The more thankful we are the more we see and appreciate his activity in are daily lives.

His kindness and love for you cannot be overemphasized.  Sometimes we spend too much time moaning and groaning about our lot in life instead of feeling grateful towards God for the gift of life that he bestowed upon us.  

Make it a priority to feel gratitude as much as possible throughout the day.

Whenever you witness some miracle that touches your heart or you notice God’s presence in your daily life, offer gratitude to God. 

Be Humble and Show Love for God in Everything You Do

One practical way to show love for God every day is to be humble in everything you do. Every word you say can be dripping with love for God. Every action you take can be an offering to God.

It’s not about relegating God and our spiritual practice to one corner of your life, but about bringing it over to every aspect of your life, about engraving God’s name and love for him into every crevice of your heart. 

You can’t lie to God, so be honest with him about your struggles, doubts, fears, and failures.   In doing so you will discover God’s capacity to love and forgive greatly exceeds your ability to sin. 

The main thing here is to be authentic in your relationship with God which leads to a humble heart. 

Enjoy God’s Direction Each Day

Building a relationship with God starts and ends with getting to know him better.  The best way to get to know him is through conversation which Christians call prayer.  Jesus was asked by his disciples how to pray.  He answered by beginning with a phrase that helps all to understand our position in God’s family, “Our Father”.  The actual Aramaic word Christ used was “Pappa”.                                     

Start your day off by talking to your “Pappa” in heaven.  You can talk to him about anything.  You can call on him anytime during the day as he’s never too busy or angry to hear from his children.   But, don’t do all the talking.   Be still and wait for him to speak to your heart and he will show you the way to go each day.

If you would like to build your relationship with God, take the 2-week challenge on your website today!