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Are You the Most Unlikely?

Image of Man Walking Down Lonely Path

Are you a head-turner, so stunningly attractive people take notice? When you speak, do people listen? Are you often publicly recognized for your achievements? Do people, whom you have never met, know your name? Are you so thin, beautiful, and wealthy people want to emulate you? Congratulations if you answered yes to any of these questions! You are the…

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Watch THE GLASS WINDOW on WMOR December 23rd @2:00pm

The Glass Window Movie DVD Image

WMOR, the #1 rated independent TV station in the United States, is airing The Glass Window Movie on December 23rd, 2017 at 2:00 pm. Mor’s channels are 32.1 and 12 in the Tampa Bay area. A young man struggles with balancing success and relationships until he travels to a mysterious island in the Bahamas and…

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Watch Chaortic Series 1 of 4

We are in a series called Chaortic, which means order within chaos.  The world that we live in is often chaotic and overwhelming.  Wrong often called right, those that do what is wrong are often rewarded, applauded, and appear to prosper. However, the Bible reveals that believers can continue to thrive in a chaotic world…

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