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“Stink Weed”

There’s this crazy, out-of-control weed that grows on nearly everything where we live. I call it “Stink Weed” because of its pungent odor. Pulling up the Stink Weed causes it to smell even worse. It’s as if the weed is screaming in self defense and hoping we will leave it alone! I really had rather…

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Don’t Give-Up, Give-In Instead!

Don’t Give-Up, Give-In Instead! My brother has always been terrified of water! As a small child, his screams could be heard all around the neighborhood when mom would rinse the shampoo out of his hair during bath time. As a teenager, he would use his hand to shield his eyes from the spray of the…

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Are You the Most Unlikely?

Image of Man Walking Down Lonely Path

Are you a head-turner, so stunningly attractive people take notice? When you speak, do people listen? Are you often publicly recognized for your achievements? Do people, whom you have never met, know your name? Are you so thin, beautiful, and wealthy people want to emulate you? Congratulations if you answered yes to any of these questions! You are the…

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Outgunned and Overmatched

Image of Ants Crawling on Vegetation Ever feel like life is an anthill and you’re covered with honey?  Feel overrun, outgunned, and overmatched by enemies?  Who is against you…is of no great importance, for nothing can overcome the One who is for you. When trouble comes, embrace the challenge by remembering the Truth, “Do not be afraid.”  The Bible says, “Stand firm…

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