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8 Tips for Finding Happiness

finding happiness

In 2021, many people around the world are struggling with finding joy. When the world seems bleak, finding happiness feels impossible. There are plenty of places to find happiness if you know where to look, and you can also make your own. Think of happiness less like a destination and more like a way of…

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6 Ways You Can Improve Your Relationship With God

relationship with God

In our busy and harried lives, the first thing to fall off usually is the spiritual connection and relationship we have with God. But that’s not a good idea, especially since a positive relationship with God can help result in positive changes in mental and physical health.  If you are having a hard time building…

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Becoming the Best You: 10 Self-Improvement Tips for 2021

self-improvement tips

Every year we compile a list of things we want to be better about and call them New Years Resolutions. But self-improvement doesn’t only have to happen at the start of a new year. We can work on ourselves every day by building a relationship with Jesus.  If you’re not the person you want to be…

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The Secrets to Finding Peace, Revealed

finding peace

Life is complicated. There’s no getting around it.  But the way we navigate our lives determines if we live them in peace or disarray. Now, life will always have moments that test us more than others. However, finding peace in God can make even the most challenging of moments seem easy. Finding peace in life…

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The Lord Reigns

Image of Sun Shining on Clouds with words The Lord Reigns

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the rampant chaos and confusion. The airways are filled with contradictions and scuttlebutt is everywhere. How is a follower of Christ to walk through times like these? While the world has named the virus Covid-19, the real name of the virus is FEAR. The vaccine: “Do not fear,…

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