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Book Cover Image for Secrets To Thriving In Babylon

Do You Want To Survive or Thrive?

For many of us, our work life and our Christian life are walled off from each
other. We work hard at our jobs to provide for our families in an
increasingly chaotic world. However, our daily grind can become an
adventure with God and our surviving can become thriving.

Secrets To Thriving In Babylon is for the 99% of us who are the laborers,
the mid-level managers, the homemakers living each day in an increasingly
chaotic world. This book reveals God’s ways for His children to not just
survive but to thrive in a culture that doesn’t follow the teachings of Christ.

By understanding and implementing the secrets God has provided for
thriving, you can experience a daily abundance of peace, love, joy, mercy,
and contentment, and you will also find God’s purpose in your daily grind.

This must-read is filled with important insights from the book of Daniel that
will help you thrive today.

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