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When was the last time you did something that felt right?

When you knew you were doing God's Work? How about right now?

We'd like to offer you the opportunity to be a part of something truly remarkable... we're building a children's home.
Simply put, we can give a child whose story could only be filled with unhappy endings the foundation to thrive in peace and happiness. Giving children what we all deserve... a family.

Right now, everyone who helps with the building of this home will receive a special gift… A copy of the film The Glass Window or a copy of The Relationship Book.

In The Glass Window movie, viewers are taken on a journey through beautiful locations and spiritual awakenings. It is not preachy; it’s entertaining, and you can watch it with your family over and over again.

The Relationship Book is a 14 day discovery of how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and finding the secrets to living each day filled with peace and joy.

Every donation.... no matter how small receives a copy of the film or book. But donate for the joy you know that you'll be bringing to a child who so desperately needs it.

Thank you.