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Becoming the Best You: 10 Self-Improvement Tips for 2021

self-improvement tips

Every year we compile a list of things we want to be better about and call them New Years Resolutions. But self-improvement doesn’t only have to happen at the start of a new year. We can work on ourselves every day by building a relationship with Jesus. 

If you’re not the person you want to be right now, you’re not alone; we’re all on our own journey to becoming a better person. Keep reading if you need some self-improvement tips to help you build a relationship with God and yourself. 

1. Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Before you can set new goals, you have to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are. God has given us our own skills; what you do with them is up to you.

First, take inventory of the things you’re proud of and then the things you want to work on. Whether this is a newfound relationship with God, or you want to be better about going to church every Sunday, taking a moment to discover how you can bring yourself closer to Jesus is the first step.

By doing both, you’ll not only see what you should focus on during your self-improvement journey, but you’ll see that God has already given you the tools to get you there. 

2. Set Goals

No person is complete without goals because goals give us something to strive for. He has a plan for us. Listen to Him, and not only will your relationship with God grow, but you as a person will too. 

Whether it’s a personal or professional goal, write it down and post it somewhere where you’re likely to see it. Pray about it and ask God for advice. He may give you the answer you’ve been searching for without you even realizing it.

Turning big goals like “I want to write a book.” into smaller goals like “I will write one chapter of my book this month.” can even make them more attainable. 

Set your mind to something and see it through!

3. Find Hobbies and Make Time For Them

While we all have obligations such as work and school, make time for the things you love. Take inventory of your priorities, and if God isn’t at the top of the list, you lack something in your relationship with Him.

Whether it’s surfing, reading, or pottery, invest that time in yourself. But don’t forget to make time for God too.

Just like God, hobbies shouldn’t only be done when you’ve finished everything else. They should be a part of your daily routine.

Making time for God and the things that bring us joy makes us more productive in the long run.

4. Be Productive

On that note, be productive. Nothing will get done if you don’t go for it. God has given you a specific amount of time to impact this world, don’t waste it doing things that don’t make you happy or bring you fulfillment. 

Listen to him and the plan he has for you. And remember, if you stray, he’ll always be there to guide you back.

5. Make Time to Relax

But on the other hand, don’t forget to make time to relax. Even the most successful people rest. Your body and mind need time to recover from the stress of everyday life. 

Give yourself time to journal, pray, or simply be with your thoughts and God’s presence.

Society can make us think that resting= time wasted.  God commands us to take one day off a week.  Focus on God’s command, and discover the value of rest as you work the other six.

6. Inspire Yourself

Without inspiration, there would be no innovation, no improvement.

Reading the Bible and going to church regularly can help you keep your sights on what’s important. It will strengthen your relationship with God and shape your character into who He wants you to become. 

It can inspire you to be better every day because self-improvement through God is the most fulfilling kind of healing. 

7. Practice Kindness and Gratitude

Two of the fundamental aspects of being a good person are being kind and grateful. While we hope you practice this all the time, sometimes we all fall short. When you feel like you lack these fundamental qualities, ask for Jesus’ guidance and direction. 

He is always willing to listen when you feel lost or hurt. Don’t become discouraged if you’re not perfect; no one but He is. Practice makes perfect.

The more you practice kindness and gratitude with those around you, the more comfortable you’ll become. The more you open your heart up to Jesus, the fuller it will be.

8. Build Relationships

While some of us are introverts and others are extroverts, nobody likes to be lonely. It’s against human nature for us to exist independently. 

Build and foster relationships with the people you care about. Take them one step further by implementing kindness and gratitude. But before you can build a relationship with anyone else, make sure your relationship with God is secure.

You cannot be the person others need you to be if you reject or doubt God when things get hard. Build up that relationship, and others will surely follow.

Being open with people can be difficult, especially if you’ve been judged in the past. But don’t let fear scare you from building connections. He is always with you.

Whether you’re just beginning to build your relationship with Jesus, trying to grow a closer relationship with someone you already know, or have just met a friendly stranger, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. 

9. Pick Your Battles

There are always going to be things that test our patience. They push our buttons or annoy us to no end. But stressing about things we can’t control is not the way to self-improvement.

God has a plan for you, and He will always see you through. But you have to trust in Him and His work. 

Self-improvement happens when we can pick our battles and give our anxious thoughts to Him. Learn to realize what you can and cannot change and allow God to guide you to where you need to be.

Using These Self-Improvement Tips

These are only a few self-improvement tips that can help you grow your relationship with God and become the person He wants you to be. What does that mean for you?

This doesn’t mean more success, money, or happiness. It’s not about how much people like you or what kind of influence you have in the world. It’s about building a solid foundation for your relationship with Christ to flourish on!

No matter what your reason for seeking self-improvement is, you have the power to shape your life into one you’re proud of living.

At Mark829, we believe that we can all find self-improvement through Christ. You can find peace and improvement within yourself when you build a relationship with God. Let us show you how with our free 2-week challenge!

You could be on your way to starting your journey to finding joy and self-improvement today!