The Ultimate Underdog

The ultimate underdog was born into extreme poverty in a small town in an insignificant region of a country.  His parents did the best they could to provide for his needs, but a traditional education for their beloved son would never be within their reach.  They loved him deeply, but they had no means to lavish…

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Why Does God Hate Sin?

Why Does God Hate Sin? Sin.  A simple three letter word that has enormous negative consequences.  Sin is what keeps us from becoming what we were created to be.  Sin often disguises itself as merciful, accepting, fair, forthright, empowering, entertaining, necessary, inclusive, tolerant, and even fun.  Sin is like a sociopath, slowly, it befriends people,…

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Overwhelmed by Life?

Overwhelmed by life? Ever feel like life is an anthill and you’re covered with honey?  Feel overrun, outgunned, and over-matched by enemies?  Who is against you…is no of great importance, for nothing can overcome the One who is for you.  When trouble comes, embrace the challenge by remembering the Truth, “Don’t be afraid.” the Bible says,…

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