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“Stink Weed”

There’s this crazy, out-of-control weed that grows on nearly everything where we live. I call it “Stink Weed” because of its pungent odor. Pulling up the Stink Weed causes it to smell even worse. It’s as if the weed is screaming in self defense and hoping we will leave it alone! I really had rather leave it alone. Let it go, and let it grow! The problem with that is it will absolutely take over… everything… everywhere… choking the life out of its victim until every plant in the backyard is covered… and dying!

“Stink Weed” reminds me of those emotional weeds like bitterness or resentment or unforgiveness. If left to grow, these emotional weeds will choke the life out of our love and joy and peace. Letting these emotional weeds go, and grow, will cause a big STINK in our lives!

How do we deal with emotional weeds? First, realize they are there and be willing to let the Gardener in. Let the Lord have a whack at them  He will pull them up by the root, and protect what’s most precious… if we let Him!

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